#13 - Season I Closer Part I - Nightly News - 'Papi y Papo' - Taking It Slow, One Day at a Time - Filling the Void - Breaking Bad's Rhea Seehorn Part I of II - June 29, 2021
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!

Episode 13 · 5 months ago

#13 - Season I Closer Part I - Nightly News - 'Papi y Papo' - Taking It Slow, One Day at a Time - Filling the Void - Breaking Bad's Rhea Seehorn Part I of II - June 29, 2021


Rhea Seehorn Reveals the ‘Hardest Moment’ Filming ‘Better Call Saul’

Chelsea Stewart  

June 27, 2021


Episode 13 - Season I Closer Part I - Nightly News - 'Papi y Papo' - Taking It Slow, One Day at a Time - Filling the Void - Breaking Bad's Rhea Seahorn Part I of II - June 29, 2021

I care a sin. What you got lord away, ican sikaso is: is kaigan sotana with sea nostos? It's a just have to justkind of sit back and get up into your thoughts deep into your thoughts. What makes the world go round and what we're else supposed to? We dobe doing on this earth. When i was man, it's a little like i don't know. If the right word is selfobsessed, self, centered, erotic, gard, waterline crazy. I think you starttalking to yourself and then, and then i mean it's not that it couldbe problema, but just start talking into,...

...i guess out into the into the universeinto the air. You remote, the the words and because you said it in valiat became real. Somehow this is tweeder voice to twenty ninethan and twenty one at three d, nineteen pm tuesday, just going to take it slow ticket oneday at a time, doesn't have to be accelerated all thetime you can relax a little boom ber. The us will take steps torestrict their travel to belart in the latest response to the country'sdecision to force on a plane, carrying a prominent journal, listen critic andpresident alexander lukashka and may us...

...to research travel with the bellerushat. The journalist attention the hill former president at barocco baba youngpeople, give me hope when i talk not just to my daughters but to their peersof all races and backgrounds that you are sophisticated as thoughtful asidealistic as an generation. I think we've ever seen as g. Fortunately, no one got hurtcalifornia car solan almost to tread out of fast and far as fortty. No onegot hurt by bomar lomer the washington post people,making kids fox make a surprise appearance in here today. Interviewthey don't make make is kids fox, make a surprise appearance in a throdinterview. They don't listen to me at all. Megan fox's, kids make a surpriseit. A parent, inter making fox's kids, make a surprising parents an her todayinterview. They don't listen to me. They don't listen to me at all. I guess. Reading those clips like super fast islike an excuse to like ane to avoid myself and my own thoughtsand...

...transgressions digressions, i guess yeah, it's i guess improve is hard, be happy to talk to anybody. Are you out there? I just want to fill in the void, filling the void. Put it out there lastyou that an we by york and beoble nymeth hill right state, what that isthe guardian, the independent, so much news. Let's get this! This is rowing oncut right. I see horris the hardest moment film. I better call. So this isshobes sheet sheet. Ria shorn reveals the hardest moment. Film and bettercost saw better cost saw us all about...

...salt goners work life, but at the heartof the series is his relationship with king wexley play baria segoin kimisambitions lawyer, i started to a top behaviors more expected from partner.Watching a play out has been an emotional roller customer fans to theshow it has also been challenging to see in herself, and that for reasonsyou'd expect can waxter. She has the hardest part to film and better castsoft earlier in two thousand and twenty one see you on win on instar lackthrough the bitter course saw page talk about some of her experiences in theshot she spoke about, how she's been passing film and lesser she's learningthe series and her favorite things about kin wax er when that's to share ahardest moment, while film on the show see you one pointed to two situations,both of which involse weather conditions physically challenging wouldbe where my car almost rolls into a pump jack in the destens reply. Refenceis seen in season three when came in nearly hit an ollering and also theseason wise acca played by the brilliant berry corban. She added therewere really bad sandstones, a both those freezing cold. He sandle in youreyeballs. It certainly sounds difficult, but at least from a creativeperspective at all came to gether massively and how makes some truelymemorable scenes jennies in you with dead line, see you on smoke want toexect. Next, from kim who went a season,...

...five finality began and began planninga first big con. Do you see if every dog side of her there yeah you do? Shesaid not in the kill, was soon morphin to a sort of female version of apartner. He brought sol goodman into our relationship, she's, bringing inthis on the person there's this, sir fraxious, going on sharva peter gool,previously told fasto pay attention to the bottle. Stopper kim takes from heroffice when she quits her told entertainment weekly that it symbolizesa criminal term which which could have big and possible, be even deadlyconsequences for accorded in a bot. Boding car production were gettingthroughout the summer two thousand and twenty one with an expective release tosome time in two thousand and twenty two. She hecomede.

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