#13 - Season I Closer Part I - Nightly News - 'Papi y Papo' - Taking It Slow, One Day at a Time - Filling the Void - Breaking Bad's Rhea Seehorn Part I of II - June 29, 2021
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!

Episode 13 · 6 months ago

#13 - Season I Closer Part I - Nightly News - 'Papi y Papo' - Taking It Slow, One Day at a Time - Filling the Void - Breaking Bad's Rhea Seehorn Part I of II - June 29, 2021


Rhea Seehorn Reveals the ‘Hardest Moment’ Filming ‘Better Call Saul’

Chelsea Stewart  

June 27, 2021


Episode 13 - Season I Closer Part I - Nightly News - 'Papi y Papo' - Taking It Slow, One Day at a Time - Filling the Void - Breaking Bad's Rhea Seahorn Part I of II - June 29, 2021

It's scary as what. You gota lot of way. It's Cascoso, it's scary, it's get SCO,Soulando, it skid. So that's time we said Gonda, said way,and so that time we said got it. Does it? Don Know Them.It's skin stuff to just kind of sit back and get up into yourthoughts, deep into your thoughts. What makes the world go round and whatwe're else supposed to be, do, be doing on this earth? Whoknows? Man, it's a little like and off. The right word isself obsessed, self centered, neurotic, card, borderline crazy. I think. You start talking to yourself and then, and then, I mean it's notthat it could be problematic, but just start talking into I guess,out into the into the universe, into...

...the air. You remote the wordsand because you said it, it valid. They too to became real somehow.This is tweet or as student twenty two thousand and twenty one at threenineteen pm Tuesday. Just going to take it slow, take it one dayat a time. Doesn't have to be accelerated all the time. You canrelax a little. Bloom Berg. The US will take steps to restrict theirtravel to Belarus. In the latest response to the country's decision to force ona plane carrying a prominent journalist and critic of President Alexander Lukashenko. and Mayus to research travel with the Belarus at...

...the journalist attention the hill, formerpresident at Barack Obama. Young people give me hope when I talk, notjust to my daughters but to their peers of old races and backgrounds. Theyare sophisticated, as tholeful, as idealistic as any generation. I think we'veever seen a s IG gate. Fortunately, no one got hurt. California carslowsion almost tread out of fest and furious for Sting. No one gothurt. Bom Bom Bomb Burre, The Washington Post people, Megan kids,Fox make a surprise appearance in her today interview. They don't make make hiskids, Fox make a surprise appearance in a two day interview. They don'tlisten to me at all. Megan foxes kids make a surprise the appearance inher Megan Foxes kids make a surprise appearance in her today interview. They don'tlisten to me. I do't. They don't listen to me at all.I guess reading those clips like super fast is like an excuse to like wantto avoid myself and my own thoughts and...

...transgressions. Digressions, I guess.Yeah, I guess. In prov is hard. Be Happy to talk toanybody. Are you out there? I just want to fill in the void. Filling the void. PUT It out there. Last you. I don'twhere by York and Boble at nyc Maya it staying Lal Kala Leaboun Rue thata princess stars are born at the hill red state, but that is theGuardian, the Independent. So much news. Let's get this this is wrong anduncut. Right. See Horn reveals the hardest moment filming. Better,Call Saul. This is Showbiz, sheet, sheet, rea. See Horn revealsour hardest moment feeling. Better, Call Saul, better calls. Allthose all about salt Gooma's work life.

But at the heart of the seriesis this relationship with Kim Wexley, played by Ria see Juan Kims, anambitious lawyer. You as started to a top behave is more expected from partner. Watching and play out has been an emotional roller custer for fans of theshow. It has also been shots, if you see, on herself,but not for reasons you'd expect. Can wexter shares the hardest parts of filmand Better Call Salt. Earlier in two thousand and twenty one see Juan wenton instagram. Lock through the butter cost saw a page talk about some ofher experiences in a show. She spoke about how she'd be passed her filmunless she's learning the series and if everything is about can Wexley, when askedto share our hardest moment while filmed in the show Seehun, pointed to dosituations, both of which and vossivere weather conditions physically challenge. You would beaware, my car almost rolls into a pump Jack in the desert. Shouldreply referencing this scene in season three when Kim in the nearly hitting oil rig, and also the scenes of Wemstay acculd, played by the brilliant Barry Cord,when she added there were really bad sandstones. Of both of those reasons, cold and Sam lives in your eyeballs. A certainly sounds that for go,but at least from a creative perspective, it all came together massively and howmake some truly amorable scenes. Jenna pass any of you would deadline seeyou and spoken. Went to Expectt next...

...from Kim who, when a seasonfive finale began, and began planning her first big con? Do you see, if every dark side of her there? Yeah, you do, she said, noting that kill will sue morph into a sort of female version ofa partner. He brought soul goodman into our relationship. She's bringing in thesun the person. There's this sir frox's martyr than going on. Charvon aPeter Ghoul previously told fans to pay attention to the bottle stopper Kim takes fromher office when she quits her totally entertainment weekly. That is symbolized as acriminal return which could have big, impossibly even deadly consequences for according about boatand Kirk, production would continue throughout the summer twenty twenty one, with anexpected release of some time in two thousand and twenty two. Cheat sheetcom.

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