#14 - Season I Closer Part II - Rare Tweetie Voice Introspective
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!

Episode 14 · 5 months ago

#14 - Season I Closer Part II - Rare Tweetie Voice Introspective


Freedom of Speech. Information Flow at Lightning Speed is a Right in America.

#14 - Season I Closer Part II - Rare Tweetie Voice Introspective

A ya to teach you some things. We got a problem there, david na, it'spatter it's for them. Oh we. We got a problem that no no, we got a r, it's petter. We had a problem david, it's for them.We we got a problem. It's patter going teach me some things, no you'regoing to teach me something that i'm going to who's going to teach you i getout, teach you you backed up back to back or back off me wi. You got aproblem david, it's petter trees, making the kill a moso fe,making the killers like the fiesone pot tree in my seem like i consider withthe queen of, but i got the kind of queen. I can proper some free cold. Wetalk the whole world. Listen ten! You back to t s for one second and funchalmissing who's this in isola, either the yo la man de ira, o te imago be the yolanda who tisingol he the it is june, twenty, nine, two thousandand twenty one, nine thirty, five pm tweety voice. This is tweety tweetytime, nine. Thirty, five p m. Here's is going on in the world now hear thisperspective. The washington post dan cranshaw wants granberry, kicked offthe olympic team. How on american? Why are certain politicians so triggered byblack athletes? Protests, maybe ask them washington, post com, press one toread more press to for next clip get unlimited access to washington postsubscribe to continue reading. You can cancel any time the washington post. Why do you do that? All the time noneof you pisness you're, going to start developingsyndrome like what e getting so crather a voice a time? Oh all, all the time: petit the world first, audio radio, vocalizer, radio, vocalize social media, tweets,radio, vocalize stories and breaking news, radio, vocalized belly, breakingnews clips commentary and comedy that's significant: substantial got a big got, a big dragon on gogai pegels happies, fifteenhundred fifteen birthday there old man. I should have said that. Why that i immediately just jump tothat sort of like he's an old man, i mean it's not. Does it mean that i'm good and bad if,if i'm hard wired at the way, is that mean i'm a lesson person? Because ijust like my media reactions to let me punk on this rather experienced...

...gentlemen gereges old man was a mexican artistborn in mexico. City known is for his first a paper. Mache peperci figure isand lerice petelini began his career to make are of the figs known as whodisfigures traditionally made a carton during the catholic estasan in mexicoand by making figure ins for dego, revere, reda call and other artistsfrom the academi. As the son, carlos and the son of school, is fine arts inmexico city, the mythical figures zone as the libricides created by the narzan.He was thirty allegery after the cart in illis, is on a te, be because theorigine from a dream which depicted is death in rebirth and amount of sedeingainhabited by these creatures. Afther is in this society, linares big in amaterialize, the vision and the auto making alibek. I was born. He wantedhis family and others to know, but the animals dropped up by taking a piece ofpaper and molding the figures from his memory and then painting them as he sawthem in his dream. Peterloos. A hundred- and i don't know he's a i wot is him. It says on google hundreda d fifteen birthday right gotcha, but he says it die on tousand, nine hundredand nineteen and thin twenty fifth and week with ipedi, saying dude, not really sure. What'sgoing on planning, i mean it's just like i don'tknow like brain far. This the math makes sense if you dot. Ininety two. Let's say that i got but thirty yearsout after some on yeah. So after somebody i don't know how you count that like.Why would you count it on gen in fifteen years? So if you go to googoo right now, lookat pedaler s. You will see that it says right on the page. There you know with to a screen shot of it. It will say right there. You got to cut this out of about thebirk folks when i'm doing this like for hours onend, which i don't really do for hours onend. I i just sort of just sort of go off the coffin pocket and i off a couple of hours. Now idon't have, or i go for like fifteen twenty minute spouts and i take breaks,and i do another thing: twenty minutes about s kind of like interallie. It'sthe same way way t a that. I start basically making these these episodestape in his shows, making these tracks cutting them on piece in them outputting them together, put him out there in a three channels.I got three channels or two more coming for some reason. I got all into thislike audio podcasting stuff three years ago, never had the courage actuallylaunch and then, if i finally got to curse, launch and don, you know it's that thing like you get in such ahead is going to be tough to get out of it in a sense. It's like wutai. Itmakes you stronger better or maybe it's the way everybody is supposed to be aline individually to what makes them makes you make some sense of attentionto their to the everything so i'm living for my wants and my needs at the same time,fifty percent adequately without any sort of exene influences or that areoverbearing. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, if i even want that want that out thereon the internet, but whatever everybody's got to learn. Sometimesi've learned plenty of times before just like, but you know it feels likeit's the right thing to do, and so i saw suvenna, i don't know ishall persist, shout it to my dad. He was born in thirty five. I believe...

...his record is us. First is the big one,thousan nine hundred and thirty six, but i believe he said it was thirty.Five usually like so told me as a good inside joke, as i i'm actually whenyou're older, i don't know how that it was anadvantage because it was like making herself out to be younger and then sort of d denyinghimself of like he wasn't gaining the year going. The other way ready was saying he was older than heactually was. What no he was saying he was. He was actually born in thirty fiveright, but is his birth doumas an ye know an a e united states. I guess whenhe basically kind of like came over whenever formidat said thirty, thirty,thirty six, and so when he was like. Seventy four is like grim, a i'm.Actually, seventy five l right. So if he was going to get social securitythat efice when you're sixty five, let's say when he was sixty four as a guy thatone water goes like. Well, i'm actually sixty five now a way. You know it's nine. Forty four pm ten: twenty nine, ten, twenty one! Twenty! I i don't know why i do that. I just iwould just like in o, coming up at an interesting name. I don't know how i settled on on a namewhen i were tweety or tweety voice it just sort of i was screwing around. I guess that's cool, not to knowexactly the origination. I guess it was just sort of the word voice. I had right the i had the word voice and acouple: mather years names and stuff nine. Forty five p m june, twen n e wtendantenty one. So i had the voice and some other stuff there, and i don't know why. I do this onewith those segetes, you call when you do like just go offon a tangent. Come back like it's, i you taking a main path and the road is thick like ten feetwide. That's the road you're on ten feet wide. It can fittre, basicallytwice right, pretty easy, even like eleven feet. Ten feet is good,because if it's twelve feet, then you can't see and the left and rideperipherally when you're going down like a bridge, that's something wherepeople don't realize like if you actually get too much of too much assomething is. A good is a bad thing, because if you're going down like anarrow path, any road like even by yourself if the road is actually waytoo wide- that's not good, because you actually can't see. Peripherie rly meanthat somebody could have been chasing you out of your view for a while andeven accelerating up on you versus. If the thing was narrower, then you wouldat least when you feel first hear of him. I think that's true. I think you candirect your hearing towards behind. You was you, while you running away on onnarrow strip and by design the like aeronautical, mechanics ofbeing down that narrow strait that narrow, whatever wood or alley orreally just like even the kind of like a road in a regular town like becauseit's just now, if it's only ten feet, widing and running down it. So i don'tknow it's kind of in my brain. I'm like running down is like ten feet wide, andit's like i'm telling the main message: wheneveri'm delivering a like a show or an episode or going of potential or tirade or reading offtwitter tweets or reading off, like just social media news articleseverywhere, just reading anything of the internet, it's so much fun for meto amass it all so quickly because, like i want to so consume at all, andif you start consuming information, the...

...way information is being disseminatedor the amount of it that couana consume the only way you you would not want towant it. You would not want to consume so much at this at a certain level thati that i would that i deliver. I deliver it in a way that i would wantto consume it like the golden rule so, and i can't find it anywhere. I wishsomebody else is, may be helping me out of doing it, fer free to go to tweetytweety vicecomes submitted article, something just say: maybe do want tosend it over i'll put it on. If you like my voice, i did that piecein my blank that was like for two of this or and some superstitious. I don't knowwhy nothing popped up. I guess it popped up because i type in my googleand my profile because i've been typing tweet of always like incessantly forthe past ten days that finally, finally, like malbon,came up in like a google search and that's why? How i kind of found thatarticle and that's why i just bit it li, did like a quick two and a half minute blur. I shouldn't call a blur. I shouldreally say, like a salute to mel blanc. Fifteen hundred character found herlove or voice. Is the voice, the voice actor. I feel i'm fun, you guy have an oldsoul, so yeah yeah yeah, what's the blow at atucker you being monitored, tucker, carson, justin and it say, refusetucker calls is buying allegation. Sat so is has never been intelligent. Staryto the agency, the hill- and i like saying those little thingslike that, and i wish you could take it back. Len gree wall again the inaboatvotes directly, cogente one belied a count boats quickly and no way theyinspires confidence, doing more to road trust in you use to mokoia the votingpros in almost an of the single fact or twitter com, froward sizes capital becapitao. Cepeda and cabo wi came to see foetas, that is capital fowers. So this that twenty boys america's got talent, leave it to aresident fashion. Superstar hide clomb to use her hashtag buzzer on a quickchange. Audis at liky magician at lee, kyle magician, lea kal, magician. Okay,he lay he keep your head up. Kill y in tomorrow is the first day o new journeyholler the hill. You get f dash, dash, dashing talk to me like that sharpscreting milly over the military crack down on protest books, says hill,that's cm forward, slash seven makes our capital or art, and so usually i would cut it right. Theretake a breather finding the article go again to let it run or you revert intothis mode, which is just so sort of like riften riffing. Until you like you, just dostuff till you find something else so that three podcast going. I got thethe regulargeneric tweedy voice, then tweety voice news and now tweety voyage row and on cutthree different podcast stations. I'm probably have two more look at the two more podcast stationsfill freda write me a tweety, voicecode and, let me know which podcast station.I don't think anybody will ever write to me or imagine like in seventy five days after i publish thisi'll, have like a lot of people being like you check it out like host yourshit here is kind of it's interesting. I have no idea. I people have told methat i'm kanaka- i don't think it's in my face as much,but in my voice i definitely can't hide that so i got fam flamboyant i enjoythat one. She shows me a ring to the good kind. Twenty boys ned ft, onep m, eleven, eleven, six, nine, six,...

...twenty nine, two thousand and twentyone eleven eleven says seven eleven says between cloud now ign bbc news, and so that's how i started thisjourney and i'm going like i'm going to see. I guess in a nice way i get tomemorialize, like my life out on the internet and as long as i'm honest about, ithink things are go well. For me this has been tweety boys. Now i mean i don't know, i don't know to like callit a guy, i'm lazy and i just want to likego and like stop, and it's i it's like there's a word for like being overlymelodramatic and self centered about yourself, egotistical or just maybe like horrible. Maybe it'slike the lo. This is the millennial risk. Oh call at the line, the millennialtrade off yeah. It's really difficult to likeyeah guy tack by something following discipline and tradition. Doing what'sright and not doing what's wrong requires sacrifice, and if you don't build sacrifice intolike a capitalistic model of like political, like social control, then it's wronglike there has to be giving, and actually i do believe that you could just readsmith's adam smith, wealth, an nations and you don't need any other book adosmiths, o altinatians is so dramatically fantastic that any greatmasterpiece is actually done in as old howver done it is. You could be like aten page snippit in any section of atoms, miss walton nations and everyten pages you derive the same exact point thathe's trying to make and every ten pages it's like reading. Imagine you had a by hand trace out a map, an entireearth. The perimeter of the earth like you actually had to fly out there andthen, when you took a little eight by eleven note book piece of paper and isilatolu you would have your little capsule. I, like an astronaut or atthere on the earth and you're kind of like a your essential ing, you'restenciling, if you could sten something outside of the ar threat as if therewas like a a thin film like around the earth, andyou could just densil it eight by eleven, i bilibin all the war out,that's how the wealth in nations is anasonas, welthen nations, when i firstread that whenever i was a i've, never said like where i'm from i mean it's hard to deny, i guess you can either keep it like completelyaloof for not. But you know it's a, i guess. If you hurt it now, you know it's hard to get away from that, and you know and and not i i should goback and clip that cut that out. I don't know if there's a version outthere, that is internet and it doesn't add the date or then i you know i ithink i'll eventually release this one anyway and you'll see that i could havefor a reason. Maybe i just want people to think here. My voice like why do ihave to be from anywhere just like what do i represent in my voice, not wherei'm from what i'm about now, what it's soul be a bit should all be what i'mabout, and i can you know, i'm not going to be perfect. You can tell wheni went. I ran when i'm rattling off a lot of those articles really fast.First, o l i enjoy by getting back to that. That's why i want information fedinto my brain that for quite quickly. Ninety five, six, twenty nine we'll golike five more minutes, then we'll call this a rap and episode. So if you gotto take a p, well go five more minutes! That's why i want information cominginto my head man. I've always wanted it that way, and it's such a struggletogether. I don't like reading it and how, once you get information youhad great movies. Is you can watch about ninety minutes a hundred minutesand you learn so much that it like...

...changes you? Basically you take over an emotional ride in agreat movie and by the end of the movie you can kind of after watching it modellingyour life after what you felt there and watching that movie. That's why moviesto me row is great, but i got im just not the most. You know i know no bradith guess maybe that was why whyi made that clip episode, twelve with the money, bowl and prad pitt, imean the tell is a i love that with david justice i was other funny. I m a. I m, that'sthe kind of stuff that i love that i like. So i think it's fair to say thatyou know i love you know up on my wall. I have georgecarla. My mother made me put up my two degrees.I love the portrayment of of the joker rightin in the dark night, but heath ledger. He la ledger, not cool that. I would insult this namebecause he's not he's got he's ledger he's up on my wall. I got a, i think, probably one of the thelargest, the only largest sides you could have gotten him has a joker isriding around in the car and- and i love it at some point- people have seenthat and i'm sure it'll get out on a on a youtube clip at some point andthen i have like you know philip p, phillips morehoffman. I shouldn't say you know we you know, i'm very is the word idatin try to be like very accurate and correct. I don't think there's inthrong,i being akin in correct on life. I think we should all strive to beaccurate and correct. I think we should all strive to go out of our way, not to be so clumsyi mean every once in a while. Being lazy is okay but every once so i get alikely sort of lift up your pants. I see politics the same way. I see goodparts of demotte democrats and good parts of republicans. I, when i wasborn and raised, we were sort of born a race to ignore the what's bad insomebody you make fun of you make fun of what's bad, and then you cherishwhat's good about them, that that's how you dealt with people,you, you know. So it's i was going to repeat it yeah. It saidso. We you know, we focus something good and we sort of ignore the bad. Butactually you call the, but you bat, the bat out, you call a bat out and then you sort oflike it's like taking a bag or something andjust kind of like or pillow, and just kind of like propping up a pillow. Whenyou talk about somebody's bad size and when you're honest about sort of bigpeople about what we're doing who we are and we interact with each other. Ifwe do that, i think maybe from a remote of a completelymotive or completely emotional, in our voices in our expressions and how weeffectuate and how we want to communicate and how we want likeinformation coming in ter brains. I think it's a a freedom of speech rightto have information coming into your brain, a certain way like the way thatthe way that you should get it, why should he the rate of flow ofinformation, be censored like the speed of information? Is iwant to learn, and i want to be educate myself like, however quickly i want togo, should not be limited by. She was limited by my brand and not buyanything outside of it and right now i can't get information in a way that,where i'm not, i don't fear that i'm sensit or lit or inhabited you know, i don't feel oninhibited right. I definitely feel like i've been capped, not that i watch. Ijust can't get it in an an intelligent prepackaged to a post package way, andthat's why i undestad. I love george carlin. I think, if there's a lot of it, you know, and it's a been a jorney me. You know you got a good ten years wellwhen he was a live and on the s. I love that very much, and he reminds me of my father.

It is nine fifty nine pm, twenty ninetwenty twenty one, tuesday signing off signing off setting off wow yeah, felt the little little weird alittle weirder. Now i watch it. Three podcast is in gonna, be tp, i'm goin tosign off a tamane cut. It example when we cut this man, look at my computersto check it out three podcast and three different r. Two more coming. We dolike music, lose stories, yeah, t pm. We do stories piece out. He sat thanks.

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