#23 - Tornado - Simone Biles - Olympics - Commentary - Leave HER ALONE - July 29, 2021
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!

Episode 23 · 5 months ago

#23 - Tornado - Simone Biles - Olympics - Commentary - Leave HER ALONE - July 29, 2021


Episode #23 - #Tornado - #SimoneBiles - #Olympics - #Commentary - Leave HER ALONE - July 29, 2021 #Tweetie #ComedyNews #NewsComedy #Gymnastics #USA #Women #Tokyo

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It's June 29th, 2021 6:21pm. Tornado! Tornado hitting the New Jersey New Jersey City area - tornado! Tornado, hitting the wholeNew Jersey area. Watch out! Here comes the- here comes a here comes a tornado! Okay,let's do one! It is July, 29th, 26th, 6:23pm. This is Tweetie(er) Voice,tornado alert, tornado alert, we're gonna get our asses we're going to get our asses kicked, she'sgonna come kick our arse, tornado tornado coming hard coming hard. Go to weather.com, checking out that tornado hitting you hard you've been thunder struck, 6:19pm, the path of the righteous man, the path path of the righteous tornado, oh yeah,welcoming to treetor well go in a Welcome to Tweetie Voice. Coming with those knock down win/winds. You got a fire, you gotta feel like you doing riiiight. You gotta feel! alright. and we went a little outer here. Whoa,you got a feel. Okay, welcome to tweety...

...voice. What's going on in the world? Biden announces measures to incentivize COVID-19 vaccinations, including a requirement for federal employees, not!What's going on in the world? Okay. Welcome to Tweetie Voice it's seventwenty nine. It's July twenty nine twenty twenty one. Six twenty-six pm, weare under tornado alert! All of New Jersey. New Jersey coming at you, where in theworld is Kamala Harris, vaxxers, anti-vaxxers vaxxers. What's going on in the world?Trump pumps two hundred forty eight thousand to Ohio GDP primary toTexas lots to avoid going over O 2, O for 2 Zero trust security just hit themain stream by Microsoft U.S. track and field U.S. track and field athletes, okay, This is the Olympics run-down, we are doing Olympics, craay! craaaaazy Simone Biles doesn't want to play anymore. Why not? You gotta give everybody else a chance else a chance to play, i mean i got toget ready, you're so much better than everyone everybody else. It doesn't make sensefor you to kick everybody's ass. All the time...

...the time e when you take a seat back,relax a little bit put your feet up and enjoy the ceremony's out there in Tokyo,she should. What's going on in the world? Joe Rogan Ben Shapiro, they all say theyall say that Simone Biles should not quit fighting fighting, so she should quit playing. Sheshould quit competing. Why should Why should Simone Biles keep tryin here Simone Biles situation at heart it broke? It broke my heart says Michael Phelps about theSimone Biles situation, Fox News reporting Fox News says: we've gotnews for you, Michael Phelps is very awareness of mental health since he retired from Olympic swimming. Simone Biles' decision to withdraw from the 2 to withdraw from the two a Tokyo Olympicsgymnastics today sent shockwaves across the world, Simone Biles' decision to withdraw fromtwo Tokyo Olympics gymnastics events sent shockwaves across the sent shockwave across the world this week and led to empathy from retired swimmer Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps. Phelps is one of the mostdecorated Olympic swimmers of all time time and his retirement has raised awareness for mental health issues he told NBC Sports Mike NBC Sports Mike Tirico on Wednesday the Biles' situation over the last few days broke my heart. We need someone we can trust "We need someone who we can trust. Somebody that can let us be ourselves and listen. Allow us to become vulnerable Allow us to become vulnerable, somebody who’s not going to try and fix us. You know, we carry a lot of carry a lot of things, a lot of weight on our shoulders. And it’s challenging, especially when we have the lights on us the lights on us and all of these expectations that are being thrown on top of us. So, it broke my heart," Phelps said. "We're human beings. Nobody is perfect. "We're human beings. Nobody is perfect. So yes, it is okay to not be okay." @MichaelPhelps reacts to the news of Simone...

...news of Simone Biles pulling out of the women's gymnastics team final, said Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps launched his mental health campaign in June 2018, according to Olympics.com. He has been open He has been open about having suicidal thoughts after the London Olympics in 2012. He told Tirico He told Tirico that fans have to remember that athletes are human too. "We’re humans, right? We’re human beings. We’re human beings. Nobody is perfect so, yes, it is OK to not be OK. ups and downs and emotional roller coasters," he said. "But I think the biggest thing is we all need to ask for help sometimes, to ask for help sometimes, too, when we go through those times. For me, I can say personally it was something very challenging. It was hard It was hard for me to ask for help. I felt like I was carrying, as Simone said, the weight of the world on [my] shoulders. It’s world on [my] shoulders. It’s a tough situation." It was hard for me to ask for help. I felt like I was carrying felt like I was carrying, as Simone said, the weight of the world on [my] shoulders. It’s a tough situation." He added he He added he hoped that Biles’ situation would help raise awareness on mental health issues. Biles was seen in the stands supporting her teammates during the individual all-around competition on Thursday night. all-around competition on Thursday night. "The outpouring love and support I’ve received has made me realize made me realize I’m much more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which I never truly which I never truly believed before." -- Simone Biles. Perhaps she did have a mental break-down, perhaps mental breakdown, perhaps she didn't, perhaps she's letting everyone else get a shot. Why do all the What don't all the kids get to play? Allthe kids get to play, all the kids... [tornado thunder] Tornado Alert! All the kids get to play all the kids get to go to out there in Tokyo, to try to Tokyo to try to get on those jumping beams try to get on, you know everyone's having a good having a good (time) it's about having fun, why does Simone Biles have to do it all the time? do it all the time. She has to kick everybody'sass, everybody is getting tired of Simone alwz Simone Biles always winning.

Simone Biles always winning. We don't want to see her win, we wanna see somebody try to lose, and then win! and then win, lose and win, it's all about defeat and getting up. Well, what fun is it what fun is is to just watch somebody who justkeeps winning and winning and winning and winning?! winning and winning it's like watching the New York Yankees all over again, well who gives a shit? well who gives a shit if you got like twentybillion dollars to? Who cares? Who Who cares? We don't we don't wanna see Simone Biles we wanna see people fall off the balance beam. We like We like in America, we like we likedestruction. We like things people falling off. falling off. I wanna see a lot of people fall and get low scores. That's just fun! That's just fun for That's just fun! For me. I don't wantto see somebody to get tens and tens and tens tens or five point nines or five point nines and sixes. Who cares you can do a triple-quadruple do a triple-quadruple backflip no I can't I can't and and I'd rather see somebody who can just see somebody who can just kind of like rollaround on the balance beam. She doesn't fall off. Hey, that's a great job. Jobwell done, job well done. I've been practicing I've been practicing balancing for about a year and a half (and) a day now while Simone Biles has been practicing Simone Biles' been practicing ten to fifteen years, so. It, it makes sense that she'd go and and quit cuz she's she's quit cuz she's just tired of winning and winning and winning and winning and winning and winning winning! winning and winning. What I'm saying is that, all those girls get a chance to play. get a chance to play. Simone Biles shouldhave quit. They never should have allowed her to even join. to even join the twenty twenty twenty twenty-one Olympics, she's too good! too good she's in a class of her own. What girl climbs jump ropes? What kinda, what girl climbs ropes girls climbs ropes up and down up and down she's a Crossfitter, she should be running 100 meter events. meter events. She's done with gymnastics, she's a grown up and now...

...and now she's a full adult, and she freakingrealized that she's actually a special soul. special soul, and so she figured out that shecan do a lot of shit. She figured out that that she could actually make decisionsthat are actually so monumental people are people are criticizing her, athletes, athletes,people who actually know about the business business know about Olympics to havean opinion. I think this, I think she felt(s) bad. she felts bad and sorry, that all the othergirls are really sucky. And they spent all their time and alltheir years trying to get to a certain bar. a certain bar. And they can't and they didn't, andthey won't. She's, she's so good, she's tired and bored. tired and bored of gymnastics of gymnastics.She doesn't care about it any more. She needs the real next challenge, allright. She has the the muscular sure of a goddess, which means no one couldcritique the decision, because she's playing with the olympics people thinkthe olympics. Is this great thing? What are you talking about? It's just acouple of girls getting together and fooling around in the gymnasticsequipment, and they sign like little things in there's little traditions.It's just people, it's just girls, so...

...when they're all there together,they're all just enjoying each other, it's stupid for someone like Ben Shapiro,Joe Rogan, I'm not even sure what Joe said yet. said yet to make this into somethingdifferent. Who cares if the left or the liberal is saying that it she's a hero?Who cares even they're wrong? It's closer to the truth and the with the?What what Ben Shapiro says? The truth is that by her bowing down she's givingeverybody else, a chance, she's saying look, take it easy. It's justgymnastics you gotta win you got to when you got to keep trying how u gonna be Michael Jordan you gotta be this guy you gotta be You got to be winning, you gotta be, you gotta be the best, you gotta be the best, you gotta be the best! gotta be the best. Saying no. "Saying no is mediocre." Fuck you. Who the fuck said fuck says "saying no is mediocre." Youdon't know shit, Ben Shapiro. Saying no No, is the strongest move there is, inpoker and chess, in life, in mother nature. mother nature, abstinence is the biggest move there is. COVID-19 solution is abstinence. abstinence. In this world, you stopsmoking, you reduce carbs, you don't believe me? Go talk to the Black Swanfucker and he'll call you a fucker, I'm not a I'm not a, I'm a non-sucker, I'm on a different level, Simone Biles is on a different level.

...a different level. She don't give a fuckabout gymnastics any more. She's chilling. She's looking down on it. When you'resuch a good athlete and your body's so so primed. You don't give a fuck, literally,and other people, like those girls in the entire organization of probably theOlympics itself, think it's a big deal. It's a couple of clowns getting together:USATF and the Olympics Commission a couple of clowns. couple of clowns just like the theWorld Health Organization, the WHO and... and... it's the CDC. A couple of truescientists. Simone Biles is the true scientist. is the scientist in gymnastics. She's amazing.She didn't stumble. Mental health means, yo, I don't fucking I don't fucking feel like doing it. I'mbored to death. This is pathetic. If I don't wanna don't want to do something cause, itmakes me feel bad because I humiliate another girl another girl because because she's sobad. Everybody else sucks. So when she's on stage she's on stage everybody else looks stupidand dumb, and if that makes me feel bad- and I don't want to do it- I don't getto do it. Who the fuck says different? Forced vax, forced immunizations, forcedvaccinations, forced, athletic competition.

...athletic competition - you think I fucking signedsomething? If I don't wanna fucking run, if I don't wanna fucking If I don't want to fucking do gymnastics I won't fucking do it. I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. This is bullshit. Justbecause somebody's mentally wired correct. wired correct. They don't need to be thisfucking domineering, fucking, multi-billion dollar person. Multi-billion dollar person, to be a truehappy being with a real soul, fuck you! Simone Biles... Simone Biles, rock on! Tweetie Voice. This is July 29th, 2021, 6:35 Six thirty-five p.m. Where's that tornado?Where's that tornado? Coming at you hard! What's going on in the world? Tweetie. ha ha ha ha ha. Tweetie.

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