#25 - CoVID Strikes Fear Teachers Rebel - August 15, 2021
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!

Episode 25 · 3 months ago

#25 - CoVID Strikes Fear Teachers Rebel - August 15, 2021


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Teachers from states banning mask mandates are speaking out. Here's what they want you to know

By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN

Updated 10:36 AM ET, Sun August 15, 2021 


All right, this is tweety boys. It isAugust. Fifteen, then, is on one lent back in action, cannabis, otherwisenotice. Marijuana. Yes, sir, is Teles DA. What's going on in the worldtwitter twitter, I come to. I com banning banning tweety, oh well, an cocase Cortes shut out to libraries and Libor workers will even appreciate you.That's all. Can we stop calling people who do their chosen jobs, heroes,heroes are those who go above and beyond or like a school teacher whorestes a gunman down to the floor latest sort Afghanistan as Taliman. Ijust closed it. A Talan control live up dates, tall, aby, Antica, bull Afghanpresident, flees country Li about dates, okay check it out, ha ha ha ha. Yes,don't you dad touch that DI teachers? Some says Benny Mass Bandis speakingout he's what they want you to know. Teachers are already struggling to dotheir job during a pandemic. The is not going to go down nicely. I guarantee it.Teachers an say, spanning Massmann is speaking out. Here's what they want youto know by Christina Zadoc, CNUT, T, N...

E N, thirty, six, a yeah. I M Sonny, orI fifteen ones when I one teachers are already strolling to do their jobthey're in a pandemic. But it's worse for those working in Stars for Mass Fanis wore hibited. Some fear students who are in illegible facts is made. Ialways worry about having them for social distancing ether where aboutbringing us sevirs, so many family say of fishes is some staying. Schoen,Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri Azone and I pass wars. Usually theauthority where's the authority to press the one mess man is to make masscost US optional. GNS TEACHERS EM says Bana Mas Panis to get their perspectiveof our Queste Sein in with old their last tomes at a fear. I UBISI here someother story that told in the Ron wards a responsive, been addidit for London.Clary Pam, Oklahoma, like you said Alohoa wit, is not legal. I teach youin Osama wit is not we legal for school semanas for vaccination. The H O twentyfive of your teaching, my big injuries, is that there's a rule possibility toher. My ficket could tie from going Nancy Nikisame RSA because it isagainst the law and that kend willing to protect them because they gas inlong and I can do anything represent because they ganis against the law. Ijust can't imagine I'm S, Doin said Er ther one day and not the next or even,if at what, if there has won than other go through that dramatic experience, ifyou have someone to walk, is in my room, ith the weapon, I was ere thing I couldto protect my kids, and so this just seems so bags that I can protect. I wasno that I can't see there are over two thousand students in my high school joefrom Mouston, says Jo from Husan says...

...there will not be three feet betweenanybody and any given time. How fast you think the dealt a vaver will travelwithin that population. I have no power they're. All No teachers, you in is atext and welcome back to my school buildings going to feel like I'm langwalk into a slouths. I don't see how the governor has a power to tell theschool. Dick is what to do it's ridiculous. It's a public call tissueet les because it was wearer masks those work, the kids all wore them lastyear and they didn't have any problem, not one kid. I have all the studentsthere Senis when the kids have more sense than this was you at one of theth school. This is doing- and I hate to say this- but for Texas going to stakechild in time for the government to take that no mass man that awayVictoria Bobby's county Florida. I worry since I live in one of the largecounties in Florida and masks, not a low at to be enforcing schools, andthen there are a lot of cove cases in our area. My school disoit has becomevery creative, with demanded to doing loophole master not required forstudents unless the parent is written off that letter. This is my second yearteaching. I spent my entire student teaching spirits in this pandemic and Iwant to be able to have normals. My jobs has never had it. The only way toget to that point is by being safe right now, but it seems our governingis to conserve in politics and with the lives of young children, I'm so excitedto get back into the classroom, but I am also so scared for myself for all mystudents. I keep thinking of this one...

...thing that governor descent is said. Weneed a kids to breathe. I immediately thought how can he breathe it they'redead? I know that's so morbid, it's so dog, but that's the reality. JenniferVermond Arizona, my children are excited that your own friends again toget back into activities they enjoy. It is unbelievably frustrating thatcertain state, like Arizona, have band school districts from requiring masksto protect Ol truls, you know or too young, to rees the vaccine. It is notusing common sense because our governor is pushing vaccines. We are beginningto school here, as if there's no pandemic happening in common senseshould tell our governor that it's a matter of time before right back wherewe were, if not worse, I'm a mom and his district and I'm a teacher in thedistrict. But all the stories the school, my oldest daughter, my olderdaughters school, has already had positive coved cases. However, thatschool wasn't on it fast. They made the kids stay home and it has a speach allthe students and I'm teaching with some one that as a Caufin, the fever, sheshould have been sent home. These kinds of things are happening now within thesame district. That would be livid. If I found out my child's teacher had afever and a cough and was teaching yeah and Jackson, it forte. I worry thatwhile I am vaccinated and ry not required a where I'm my mask mystudents and I were grained and on mass...

...to it has to be all to no, that wecan't pick and choose who wears a mask and who does and it's frustrating Iwould rather teach remole until everyone was on the same page. We didwell last year because we had so many protocols in place with cleaning wherewe mass socially distances in quarantining and content tracing andall that seems to have just gone away. We made out agree politically, that'sfine, but all we have is Gom an enemy and that and means ovid. Why are we notdoing that in on that teachers? What's going through your head as anotherschool? Your starts. What other challenges your face as the Badamicontinues C N wants to know a lot of the work teachers do is unseen. Whatdon't people don't know about the tea? What people don't know about the testerexpense right now? What people don't know what we don't people know what thewhat? What? What don't people know? What about to do? What don't peopleknow when do people know about w teacher experience right now? Whatwears you most about the coming school? You share thoughts of this and we mayfor sin that story. It is Sweetie Boys, Sunday, Jay August fifteen, two, thoseone twelve, seven PM check it. A.

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