#25 - CoVID Strikes Fear Teachers Rebel - August 15, 2021
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!
Tweetie Voice Raw Pop Breaking News Uncut!

Episode 25 · 5 months ago

#25 - CoVID Strikes Fear Teachers Rebel - August 15, 2021


Tweetie Voice is Back! After 2-week hiatus and Twitter.com ban!

Teachers from states banning mask mandates are speaking out. Here's what they want you to know

By Christina Zdanowicz, CNN

Updated 10:36 AM ET, Sun August 15, 2021 


All right, this is tweetie boys. It is August, Fifteen, twenty and eleven fifty eight. Am Backin action. Cannabis. Otherwise, notice marijuana. Yes, sir, it'sthe La Fiesta. What's going on in the world? Twitter, twittercom,twitter, thatcom banning, banning, tweetycom. Oh well, XANACO, Cautin Corte. Shout out to Libraris and library works. We're leven. Appreciate you. That's all. Can we stop calling people who do their chosen jobs heroes? Heroes are those who go above and beyond or, like a school teacherwho wrests a gunman down to the floor late, as sort of Ganatan,as Taliban. I just close it to talking control. Live updates Talib andthe Cupol ave got president fleees country live updates. Okay, check it out, ha ha, ha ha. Yes, don't you dare touch that time,teacher. Some says banning mass man is speaking out. Here's what theywant you to know. Teachers are already struggling to do their job during apandemic. This is not going to go down nicely, I guarantee a teachersfrom say it's panning mass man is the speaking out here's what they want youto know. Mike Christina Zadn Wich,...

CNN updated one thirty six a yeah, Sonyodis, fifteen, twenty one. Teachers are already strolling to do theirjobs. They're in a pandemic. But it's worse for those working and staresor mass man. It's for limited. Some fear students who are in eligible. Facts and is made die. Others worried about having him for socials.This seeing or the word about bringing the virus. Someone family stay deficies.Some stays clouding. Texas flow to Olahoma, Massori, amazone and I will pass. Lads used it the authority or use the authority to parents. Theywant mass manners and make mascots use optional C and spoke of teachers from stayspanning masks. Man is to get their perspective. The requesting with other lasttimes out of fear orchibution. Here's similar story. That's sold in the Rong. Words are responsibly been added for London, cloudy, Pamakahoma. I just shouldat homer, where it is not legal. I teach. You knowthe homer where it is not. We legal for schools. A Mandar MASCOvaccination, the mud win in fift you're teaching my big exeriens is that there'sa real possibility to wear my fig wrators. Could that from govern nineteen? Ican do any precilian because it is against the law, and I cando within. They're protecting because they as a law, and I can doanything are presented because it is against the law. I just can't imagine.I'm as doing that ever the ones day and out the next. Or evenif they that, if their hospital and another go through that traumatic express ifyou have someone to walk in some rood with the weapon. I was everythingGod to protect my kids, and so this just seems so bad as thatI can protect them so that I can't see they're overdue. As of studentsof my high school, Jew from US...

...and says you from Huson says therewill not be three feet between anybody and any given time. How fast youthink the Deltava will travel within that population? I have no power, there areno teacher. You UNs A text and welcome back to my school buildings. Going to feel like I'm a lamb walk into a slaughter house. Idon't see how the governor has some power to tell the school dick is what'sdo. It's ridiculous. It's a public health tissue at least, because itwas where masks those work. The kids all wore them last year and theydidn't have any problem. Not One kid. I have all the students. They'reseen is when the kids have more sense than to this. So yeah, one of the school this is doing, and I hate to say, isbut for Texas is going to stake Tuns and die for the gunner totake that no mass man that away. Victoria, probably just county Florida.I worry since I live in one of the largest counties in Florida and masksnot allowed to be enforcing schools. And then there are a lot of covidcases in our area. My school dist what has become very creative with theirmandate. The doing loophole where masses and not required for as soon as alist the parent is written an opt that letter. This is my second yearteaching. I spend my entire student teaching experience in his pandemic and I wantto be able to have normalcy in my job since and never had it.The only way to get to that point is by being safe right now.But it seems I'm governing is to conserve with politics and with the loves ofyoung children. I'm so excited to get back into the classroom, but Iam also so scared for myself for all of my students. I keep thinkingof this one thing that governed. The...

Santa said we need a kids tobreathe. I immediately thought, how can I breathe that they're dead? Iknow that's a Morbidus a dog, but that's the reality. Jennifer VR MOMand Dale Arizona. My children are excited to be your own friends again getback into activities they enjoy. It is unbelievably frustrating that certain states, likeArizona, have banned school districts from requiring masks to protect our children. We'retoo young to receive the vaccine. It is not using common sense because ourgovernor is pushing vaccines. We are beginning the school year as if there's nopandemic happening. In common sense should tell our governor that it's a matter oftime before right back where we were, if not worse. I'm a momin his district and I'm a teacher in the district. My oldest daughters theschool my oldest daughter. My older daughter school has already had posit that coldcases. However, that school was on it fast. They made the kidsstay home and it has a spreads to all the students and I'm teaching withsome of that. Has a coffin and fever. She should have been senthome. These kinds of things are happening now within the same district. Thatwould be lived if I found out my child's teacher had a fever in acoffin was teaching. Yeah, and Jackson M Florida. I worry that whileI am vaccinated and we're not required to, where am I mask my students andI regrassinated and non maass too.

It has to be all the nothing. We can't pick and choose to wears a mask and who does, andit's frustrating. I would rather teach remotely until everyone is on the same page. We did well ask here because we had so many protocols in place withcleaning, where we're mass socially, distance in quarantining and contact tracing, andall of that seems have just gone away. We may not agree politically, that'sfine, but all we have is common enemy and that a means covidwhy are we not united on that? Teachers, what's going through your headas another school year starts? What are the challenges you face as the pandemiccontinues? Seeing and wants to know. A lot of the word teachers dois unseen. Why do people don't know about the teacher? What people don'tknow about the desert exmisses right now? What people don't know? What?What we don't people know? What the what? What? What the whatdon't people know? What about to do? What don't people know that, whenthe people know about teachers experiences right now, will where's your most aboutthe coming school you share to us, to us and we may for wereseeing that stuffy. It is, Sweetie Boys, Sunday, Jay, August, Fifteen, twenty, twenty, one, twelve or something pm. Check it.

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